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Our Favorite Roses - 2013 - Results from the Favorite Roses Survey

Our very favorite rose, hands down, is Gemini, gathering more than twice as many votes as any other rose in any category.


Favorite Hybrid Teas:

Gemini: photo by Linda Hitney

1) Gemini 2) Marilyn Monroe 3) Secret 4) Firefighter 5) Randy Scott

Others nominated:

Andrea Selzer, Artistry, Barbra Streisand, Big Momma, Black Magic, Brandy, Brigadoon, Chicago Peace, Cinnamon Dolce, Classic Touch, Comtesse de Provence (Liv Tyler), Della Reese, Dick Clark, Dona Martin, Double Delight, Elegant Lady, Firefighter, First Prize, Fragrant Cloud, Grand Siecle, Hot Princess, Ingrid Bergman, Julie Newmar, Just Joey, Kardinal, Lasting Love, Legends, Let Freedom Ring, Love, Lynn Anderson, Marlon's Day, Mister Lincoln, Moonstone, Neptune, Nighttime, Orange Passion, Our Diana, Peace, Perfect Moment, Pink Promise, Sedona, St. Patrick, Stainless Steel, Sunstruck, Super Moon, Tahitian Sunset, Touch of Class, Tournament of Roses, Tropical Sunset, Veteran's Honor

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Favorite Grandifloras:

1) Fame! 2) Dick Clark 3) Melody Parfumee, Strike It Rich

Others nominated:

Cherry Parfait, Octoberfest, Queen Elizabeth, Wild Blue Yonder

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Favorite Floribundas and Polyanthas:

1) Julia Child 2) Hot Cocoa, French Lace 3) Betty Boop, Marmalade Skies 4) Easter Basket, Playboy, White Licorice

Others nominated: Adobe Sunrise, Angel Face, Blueberry Hill, Bolero 2004, Mlle Cecile Brunner, Chihuly, Cinco de Mayo, Citrus Splash, City of Carlsbad, Day Breaker, Easy Does It, Ebb Tide, Excellenz von Schubert, Fabulous!, Frankie, Grand Prize, Iceberg, Johann Strauss, Ketchup & Mustard, Koko Loco, Lavaglut, Livin' Easy, Love Song, Mardi Gras, Margaret Merril, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Passionate Kisses, Preference, Pride of Oakland, Purple Tiger, Rainbow Sorbet, Sans Souci, Sexy Rexy, Shockwave, Sunsprite, Sweet Intoxication, The Fairy

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Favorite Miniatures and Minifloras:

1) Joy, Memphis Music 2) Butter Cream, Cupcake, Denver's Dream and Yantai

Others nominated: Baby Grand, Bees Knees, Childs Play, Crackling Fire, Daddys Little Girl, Dr. John Dickman, Fresh Pink, Glowing Amber, Grace Seward, Green Ice, Hot Tamale, Hurdy Gurdy, Incognito, Irresistible, Jean Kenneally, June Laver, Kristin, Leading Lady, Loving Touch, Magic Carousel, Popcorn, Powerhouse, Raspberry Sunblaze, Scentsational, Seattle Sunrise, Show Stopper, Sweet Chariot, Sweet Nothings, Whirlaway, Winter Magic

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Favorite Shrubs

Our favorite Shrub, by far, was Distant Drums.

1) Distant Drums 2) Greetings

Others nominated: Darlow's Enigma, Flower Girl, Golden Zest, Mystic, Outta the Blue, Rhapsody in Blue, Sally Holmes, The Imposter, Yabba Dabba Doo, Yann Arthus-Bertrand,

Our favorite David Austin Shrub roses are:

1) Molineux 2) Abraham Darby, Falstaff, Gertrude Jekyll, Golden Celebration and Mary Rose

Others nominated: Belle Story, Darcey Bussel, Evelyn, Lady of Shallot, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Prospero, Sharifa Asma, Tamora, The Squire

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Favorite Old Garden Roses (OGRs)

There was no winner in the Old Garden Rose class. Nine different roses were listed as favorites.

Others nominated: Baronne Prevost, Crested Moss, Green Rose, James Vietchi, Lady Banks, Leda, Mme Ernst Calvat, Rose de Rescht, Yolande de Aragon

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Favorite Large Flowered Climbers

1) Fourth of July 2) Altissimo 3) Berries 'n' Cream, Candy Land and Joseph's Coat.

Others nominated: All Ablaze, America, Clair Matin, Eden, Purple Splash, Rainbow's End (Cl Min), Soaring Spirits, The Impressionist

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Disease Resistant Roses

We had 61 roses listed as disease resistant.

1) Hot Cocoa 2) Secret, Julia Child, Ketchup & Mustard, Iceberg, Crimson Bouquet and Dick Clark 3) Fame!, Firefighter, Molineux, Strike It Rich, Distant Drums, Cinco de Mayo, Gemini and French Lace.

Others nominated: Altissimo, Berries & Cream, Betty Boop, Black Magic, Bonica, Brigadoon, Candelabra, Chicago Peace, Chihuly, Day Breaker, Della Reese, Diana, Princess of Wales, Easter Basket, Easy Does It, Excellenz von Schubert, Flower Girl, Fresh Pink, Grand Prize, Homerun, Honey Perfume, Ingrid Bergman, Kardinal, Lady Banks, Lasting Love, Lavaglut, Livin' Easy, Mardi Gras, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Rose, Olympiad, Party Girl, Peaches & Cream, Pink Porcelain, Pristine, Rock and Roll, Sharifa Asma, Shockwave, Stainless Steel, Sunflare, Sunset Celebration, Sunstruck, Sweet Nothings, Tiny Petals, Twilight Zone, Yantai

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Most Fragrant Roses

Double Delight may have been knocked out of first place as our favorite rose in our previous surveys but it still placed first in the Most Fragrant category! (Roses listed with "*" were listed by the nominator as also being disease resistant.)

1) Double Delight, 2) Firefighter*, 3) Mister Lincoln, Secret, 4) Yves Piaget, Barbra Streisand* and Chrysler Imperial.

Others nominated: 4th Of July, Angel Face, Big Momma, Bolero 2004, Della Reese, Fragrant Cloud, Gertrude Jekyll, Golden Zest, Heirloom, Intrigue, Julie Newmar, Melody Parfumee, Mirandy, Neptune*, Papa Meilland, Pope John Paul, Radiant Perfume, Rose de Rescht, Scentimental , Sharifa Asma*, Sheila's Perfume, Sunsprite, Sutters Gold, Sweet Intoxication, Sweet Surrender, Tamora, White Licorice, Yves Piaget

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Other awards:

Many of our favorite roses have won other awards.

Chrysler Imperial, Double Delight, Secret and Mister Lincoln have won the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal.

Cinco de Mayo, Gemini, Hot Cocoa, Julia Child and Joy have won the American Rose Society Members' Choice Award.

Betty Boop, Chrysler Imperial, Cinco de Mayo, Hot Cocoa, Crimson Bouquet, Dick Clark, Double Delight, Fame!, Julia Child, Fourth of July, French Lace, Gemini, Marmalade Skies, Mister Lincoln, Secret and Strike It Rich have all won the AARS (All- America Rose Selections ) Award.

Joy was an ARS Award of Excellence winner.

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Types of Roses

Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora:

Perhaps the most popular class of modern roses is the hybrid tea, easily recognized by the large shapely blooms containing 30 to 50 petals. Flowers are borne on long stems either singly or with several sidebuds.

The grandiflora displays not only the characteristics of a hybrid tea but also the ability to bear clusters or trusses and grow to a commanding height of 6 to 8 feet or more. 'Queen Elizabeth' was the first member of this class. Return to top.

Floribunda and Polyantha:

Second only to hybrid tea and grandiflora in popularity, the floribunda is characterized by its profuse ability to bear flowers in large clusters or trusses with more than one bloom in flower at any one time. This class is unrivaled for providing massive, colorful, long-lasting garden displays. The distinct advantage of the floribunda is its ability to bloom continually whereas the hybrid tea exhibits a bloom cycle every 6 to 7 weeks. Floribundas as a class are hardier, easier to care for and more reliable in wet weather than their hybrid tea counterparts.

Polyanthas are generally smaller but sturdy plants with large clusters of small 1-inch diameter blooms often using for massing, edging and hedges. Return to top.

Miniature and Mini-Flora:

These classes have increased in popularity due to their novelty and versatility. They can be used for edging beds, growing in containers and rockeries.... The height of the average plant is about 15 to 30 inches, and flower form and foliage are indeed miniature versions of both hybrid teas and floribundas.

Mini-Flora roses are a new classification adopted by the American Rose Society in 1999 to recognize another step in the evolution of the rose, i.e. intermediate in bloom size and foliage falling between miniatures and floribundas. Return to top.


Shrub roses are a diverse group of plants that don't neatly fit into any of the other rose categories. Shrubs, especially modern ones, are very popular because of their long season of bloom, pest and disease resistance and versatility in the landscape. There are 5 popular subdivisions within the class: hybrid kordesii, hybrid moyesii, hybrid musk, hybrid rugosa and shrub. They can grow from 5 to 15 feet or more in every direction given the correct climate and growing conditions. Noted for their hardiness, they are usually vigorous and produce large quantities of clusters of flowers. The unique group of roses hybridized by David Austin (often called English Roses) belong to this class. They resemble old garden roses in shape and form but are recurrent bloomers and often have fragrance. Return to top.

Large Flowered Climber:

These varieties are dominated by their growth habit, long arching canes with the ability to climb (if properly trained and tied) up fences, over walls, through trellises, arbors and pergolas. These varieties offer a wide range of flower forms, shapes and colors. Return to top.

Information on rose types taken from "2006 American Rose Society Handbook for Selecting Roses" and "Roses for Dummies."




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