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 "Everything Roses" at Our own Dick Streeper heartily recommends this site. It offers a wealth of information through monthly articles, Frequently Asked Questions, list of roses, rose show results, suppliers, gardens, organizations, books, authors, events and even a glossary that includes over 35,000 roses with over 32,000 references. You can even search for rose names containing a word or phrase, as well as by class, color, breeder, bloom or fragrance. This link is a real gold mine!

RoseShow.Com  The originator of this site, SDRS member Robert Martin, edits the ARS publication "Rose Exhibitors' Forum." He is a popular speaker and his articles regularly appear in ARS Annuals. His has recently published, "Showing Good Roses."

Rosemania Interested in exhibiting roses? This is a site you'll want to linger on. Check out the exhibitor's bulletin board, rose care products, and mini roses.

Every Rose It bills itself as "The Rose Reference Database" and it has a very awesome feature: a search engine that let's you find rose varieties based on fragrance! For example, you can get a list of "exceptionally fragrant hybrid teas!" It even displays images and links to vital statistics and to other's gardeners' experiences with the rose!

Where to Buy Roses

 Armstrong Garden Centers

Combined Rose List Go to this link to order the "Combined Rose List." Published annually since 1980, the Combined Rose List is the one international reference for rose sources. It contains essential information about rose varieties and mail order nurseries in the USA, Canada, and many overseas countries. Information in this 256-page softcover book is provided for more than 13,500 different roses and more than 300 mail order nursery sources

Bridges Roses An excellent selection of both newer and older varieties of mini roses, including most of the hottest exhibition roses.

Chamblee Rose Nursery. A great source for healthy, old garden roses.

 Edmunds' Roses A favorite of those who prize exhibition varieties.

Heirloom Old Garden Roses Modern and old garden roses, well worth the visit.

 Jackson and Perkins The old stand by for many rose growers. They have frequently helped SDRS by donating many specimens of new varieties to our exhibit at the Del Mar Fair.

 Kniffing's Discount Nurseries A great local source for roses and other plants.

14940 Oak Creek Rd.
El Cajon, Ca 92021
(619) 561-0611 Fax (619) 561-2162

Nor' East Miniature Roses An excellent selection of both newer and older varieties of mini roses, from the Saville family. Nor'East has acquired the Tiny Petals Nursery Collection and is now able to offer more of the wonderful Dee Bennett varieties.

Regan Nursery A reputable supplier of well-grown, high quality plants in northern California.

  Tropic World Nursery

26437 N. Centre City Parkway
Escondido, CA
Normal business hours Tues - Sun, 9-4:30 pm.

  Vintage Gardens Antique Roses As their name suggests, they specialize in old roses but you will find many classic modern roses in their collection as well.

 Walter Andersen Nursery A great local source for roses and other plants.

Other San Diego County Rose Societies

  California Coastal Rose Society

  East County Rose Society

U.S. Rose Societies

Visit other rose society Web sites for a wealth of information on selecting and growing roses!  For a complete list of society Web sites, go to the American Rose Society site.

American Rose Society

Los Angeles Rose Society

Pacific Southwest District

Sacramento Area Rose Web site (including Baldo Villegas' Bug Page)

Santa Clara County Rose Society

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society

International Rose Societies

Royal National Rose Society, England

Canadian Rose Society

Other Rose Sites

  San Jose Heritage Rose Garden With a collection of over 4,500 roses, old, new, and unusual, it is worth a visit the next time you are in the Bay Area.

  Missouri Botanical Garden

  Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew The world's premier botanic garden, bar none. If you ever get to England, you'd better visit!

University of California Resources

Here are some links about "integrated pest management" from the University of California. You can learn more by taking the link on the left to "Rose Care."

Disease and Abiotic Disorders
Article from the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project. You'll learn to identify some common rose diseases. (By the way, "abiotic" simply means "caused by something that isn't alive" such as sunburn and frost damage.)

Cultural Practices and Weed Control
Another UC article that includes tips on selecting roses, soil composition, and many other topics.

Insect and Mite Pests and Beneficials
UC article that includes warnings on the use of chemicals, as well as guidance for using natural insect enemies to control insect pests.



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